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Re: The New Turned GM**pic heavy**

I have to say the other week I received great CS from them...
they emailed me back the same day, apologized for the broken snap and said if I sent it back they would reimburse the shipping if I told them how much it was. I sent it back a few days later, emailed them and they reimbursed the shipping the same day..
out of all of them I have bought lately, i have had one snap fall insert..

so maybe they have improved their customer service again!

Originally Posted by leahandmike View Post
I agree, I used to buy goodmamas
for my niece, but the customer service there is nothing like it used to be, it takes about a week to get an email response (if I get one) and when I do, its either rude or defensive even if I am just asking to get a snap replaced that has fallen off etc. Plus the last few I bought around March of this year all had snaps falling off... they don't seem to check them before they go in the mail anymore.
I am glad I started sewing cloth diapers!
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