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Re: Best Juicer?

We have a Vitamix, a Breville and a Hurom. We love all 3, and for different reasons. The Hurom is great for squashing all things into juice. It's the best all around "juicer", especially for making juice out of non-juicy things like spinach and carrots. Or banannas and strawberries, if you prefer.

The Breville is really awesome for all things citrus. Then we take the leftover pulp and run it through the Hurom. It quickly turns a pile of oranges, etc. into juice, and you can vary the pulp.

The Vitamix is an awesomely powerful blender that can liquidate anything. It's great for making smoothies and for evening out juices that are otherwise chunky. It makes a nice soup, and can crush ice. Theylast forever, and a used Vitamix is likely still a great machine.
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