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Re: 1yr old and trouble with solids

My ds1 never liked solids. I had heard of other babies who didn't much care for them until after 1 yr, but my gut told me that what I was dealing with was far more intense than what they were talking about. At 11 months, he started OT which went on for 6 months. He made no progress. If we took away his milk, he still wouldn't eat and lost scary amounts of weight. Finally at 21 months, he got involved with the 3rd ranked pediatric feeding team in the US. Even so, it took them 4 1/2 months (with visits twice/week and some not very pleasant procedures) before we FINALLY discovered that he had an extremely severe case of silent GERD. He had NO symptoms except refusing food. At 25 months, he started medication and gained 5 lbs in 5 weeks (and was still skinny!).

My story is unusual, and it's unlikely that's what is happening with your dc. But I'm sharing because there are some extreme cases. I can't tell you how many mothers and drs would say flippant things like "he'll eat when he's hungry" (which he obviously didn't) or "some babies are more attached to the bottle and don't want to give it up". I felt like slapping people when they made those comments. I KNEW that my child wanted to eat and couldn't. I knew it was painful. I knew it wasn't normal. Unfortunately it took a long time to discover the problem. If I could do it over, I would have been more aggressively seeking an answer earlier in his life.

You just have to trust your Mommy instincts on this one. It could be perfectly normal. Or it may not be.
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