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Re: Do you allow your kids to question you?

I guess I feel differently about this. I think my dc should obey me withOUT questioning me. However, after they have listened to me and done what I have asked, I would def be okay and would even like them coming and asking me why. Here is my reasoning for this thought. Children cannot grasp the concept of cause and effect for quite some time. If we were walking somewhere and my dc ran into the road, I should be able to say "XXX get out of the road..." and they should respond immediately. If they were young enough they would have no idea that a car could hit them and kill them, and even if I told them before they may not grasp it. If they were always allowed to ask "why" first, then they would still be in the road saying "Why mommy?" and then who knows what could happen. So I am trying to prepare my child to always obey first and ask questions later. Hope that made some sense.
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