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Re: Has this been done before/would you buy it?

Originally Posted by Chey View Post
As far as has it been done? I don't think I've seen it. However do you really want to pigeonhole yourself into something you can't really expand on?

It's a cute idea, but I personally would do something a bit more broad that would appeal to a larger market of mammas. By doing "just" pirate theme you are running a very narrow market.

Why not have your Diap biz, and then run "lines" like clothing stores do, have a whole Pirate theme line...then you can do other things as well. You could run a Monster line, a pirate line, a fish line etc... etc...
You know, you are totally right! For now, I do want to be specialized in one little area, just because now I also make clothing, am a full time student, and have a 5 month old, but in the future I think I might expand a bit, so I better leave the option open.
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