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Re: If you vaccinate your kids, does it bother you when other people dont?

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I don't want to get into the whole BF vs FF debate, but as someone who works with BFing mothers and babies/children, it is known that FF babies are typically more sick than BF'd babies. That doesn't mean it's like that in *every* case.

"Formula-fed babies are sicker, sick more often, and are more likely to die in infancy or childhood. "

There have also been reports stating that formula fed infants were at a higher risk of ear infections, etc. And there were a few articles published, last year I think, stating that low breastfeeding rates were a public health issue.
Generally speaking, yes.

Throw in VPD and you have a different set of statistics that strongly show that those who get vaccinated for X disease have a much, much higher resistance than those who did not get vaccinated for X disease.

BF vs FF does not have an impact nearly this big. That is why the suggestion is not practical.

ETA: I feel that I must point out that the link supplied only focused on babies while vaccines extend throughout childhood and public schooling where they will have a much higher exposure rate than during infancy and toddlerhood.
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