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Re: If you vaccinate your kids, does it bother you when other people dont?

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
I absolutely would never say that formula makes kids sick, except in the rare case with allergies or whatever. I don't think formula makes them sick, but it also doesn't not pass on antibodies and immune benifits like BFing. Ever. So in general they are sicker, at least for a while until their immune system strengthens.

As far as shots, well I still belive they absolutely should be a personal choice, no questions asked.
The passive immunity gained from breastfeeding wanes over time. By the time children are school aged, that immunity is no longer something that should be considered a factor in health. Honestly, if you look at it that way, by school age, the breastfed baby who did not gain lifelong immunity to a variety of common viruses is more likely to get sick with them than the formula fed child who had those viruses as a baby.

The common cold is not preventable by vaccination. However, measles is. The government believes that preventing the spread of disease is an important public health issue. Preventing measles by community vaccination is an attainable goal while preventing the dozens of viruses that spread the common cold is not. Therefore vaccination is a requirement for entering the public school - unless you have a valid exemption. Students should be able to enter the public school with the assurance that anyone not vaccinated has a really good reason for it. Individual states have determined how high a threshhold there should be for those reasons - from pretty much any reason goes all the way up to you need a valid medical reason.
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