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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

Originally Posted by waterisntsomething View Post
Gah, SO went and got pizza hut! I let myself have half a slice and I'm going to make myself chicken and veggies for dinner later.
Good job!! I have to not eat any or I will just keep going. You have so better self control than I do.

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
I need your opinions. I was planning to restart couch 25k today. Didn't happen. Here's my schedule. Dh is off Sunday and Monday. We do family things, either alone or with his fam or my dad on Sundays usually. Monday we drop off dd at school and run errands. Tues and Thur i drop off dd and go home. My gma picks her up from school and then drops her off ay home in the evening. I usually life on these days, and saturdays. Wed and fri i go to gma house and they watch ds while i run. I shower and change there. My problem is i was trying to run on mondays but by the time we get home and eat lunch, I'm exhausted. Dh usually naps while i watch the kids, which makes me even more tired. By the time i would be able to run, i just dont want to.
So should i switch to sundays? The junk thing is they change all the time. Some wks I'll be able to run in the morn, others i cant. Or Tuesdays? I could go my gmas real quick on tues after taking dd to achool, run, shower (cause im dripping with sweat) and then go home and lift and shower again?
Sorry so long but finding a third day is getting hard. I dont have a jogging stroller so i cant go home and run and then lift right after
I say do it when you can. You are supposed to not get on a strict routine as you will stop losing weight as your body adjusts to the routine. You have to shake it up a bit. So not being able to do things the same all the time may really work for you in the long run.

As for me, I am back down to 154.9. So I am barely there but at least what ever is going on is starting to go away. I hope it will keep going fast. I do not want to be stuck here. I would like to get back to 152 before I get stuck.
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