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Re: selective vax?

Originally Posted by jennylou View Post
Well, we started with the Rotateq one, but ended up not doing the full three doses. For the next baby, we won't be getting it at all.

We did not get a flu shot (heck, I don't get them either!).

We did not get the CP vax, we might get it if DD doesn't get them or develop immunity to them by the time she turns into a teenager (but we will check titers first).

We won't get gardisal (sp?).

We have not yet gotten the MMR. I want to delay it until DD is at least 2 (which is August), but I might delay further.

Finally, I think we're going to skip the Hep B with the new baby. In doing other research, I came across some information that did not sit well with me.
This is almost exactly what we have done. We did not do Rotavirus, did not do flu, did not do varicella (although we will before teen years if not immune), will not get HPV, and will delay MMR until 2.

With our new baby, we will delay Hep B until later, although not sure how long. I just don't want to give a vaccine within hours after birth.
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