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Re: selective vax?

I won't do any, but the ones I hate the most are:

MMR- there is WAY too much controversy and the diseases aren't that bad...I don't like how this is made with 3 different live virus's and all the side effects listed on the package insert are CRAZY and too many to name. I don't like that 85% of children that have been diagnosed with autism and have been tested have the same strain of the measles virus that's in the vaccine, they have it in their gut...upto YEARS later...yikes!

DTaP- Lots of children have had seizures from this one, and Diphtheria has not been reported since 2003, Tetanus is non existent in children, and among outbreaks of Pertussis 70-80% of the cases are vaccinated children.

CP- The disease is not bad enough to risk the adverse reactions on, and immunity does not last long, leaving adults and elders at a higher risk of exposure if they're not getting boosters

Rotavirus- It was recalled in 1999 due to causing twisted intestines and deadly bowel obstructions, it was brought back in 2006, and now the "new" vaccine is causing the exact same problem as the one that was recalled

Guardasil- it only protects against the STD HPV rather than a heredity forum of cervical cancer, and even then it protects against 4 out of 127 strains, and 11 girls have died from this vaccine, and it gives false protection since it does not protect from all cervical cancers, and we're not taught that, I am sure lots of young girls will stop getting yearly paps, and not worry as much about sexual promiscuity (this is JMO though )

Flu Vaccine- is highly controversial, and the ingredients are terrible, and last year for example the population of outbreaks were 40% among vaccinated people, the risk are not worth the benefits of "maybe" not getting the flu.

I don't like the hepatitis series since most forums of hepatitis can be treated or prevented (one or the other) and those are generally caught by needles, IV drug use, sexual promiscuity, etc.

If I HAD to vaccinate my kids I wouldn't start any vaccines till age 2, I'd break them ALL up, wait 6 months in between, and I'd still be very selective.

Good luck on finding something you and your hubby both feel comfortable doing! Have you made him do any reading or reaserch? Maybe buy him the Dr Sears book and have him disregard his opinion, and read the facts.
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