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Re: May 2011 Mamas - May chat! Happy Birthday!

Justine - I think the book goes through the first 2 years? There's a website - okay it looks like 17 months - or so. The book is nice to peruse, but mostly I use it to compare DS's age against the chart of "stormy" weeks and "sunshine" weeks. (The "Wonder" Weeks are the stormy/fussy ones.) I also pull it out when DS is having a particularly fussy time to remind myself that it's just a phase and everything he's doing is normal. I was surprised that DS follows the weeks fairly close - only he seems to go through them a couple weeks early. You could see if your library has it? If you're going to have another baby at some point, I'd say it's worth it. It's interesting.

Camerawise I use a Nikon D80. Usually I just leave it on Auto everything because DS moves so darn fast I like to get the shot. So it's the lens you're using then? I haven't ventured into buying lenses yet - but I'd be interested if there was one I could just leave on. I love that look and it makes pictures look more professional (when I'm not at all!)

Rachel - Happy Birthday to Toby! I'm sorry that you're having issues with your older son. And Justine you too. Do you think it's a reaction to having a new baby/not being the only? Honestly, I only have DS and I live for bedtime each. and. every. day. I think it's normal and OKAY to need that decompressing time. After DS goes to bed I finally feel like I can stop and breathe and relax.

We're enjoying sunshine this weekend and supposedly this week! Had a busy weekend. Took DS to the consignment store to get new clothes. Found a tshirt I actually thought about buying him new (Has a pic of Bob Marley and says "B is for Bob". LOVE.) And lots of pants. We always seem to need pants. Painted our LR. Today we went and got bagels and went to a local park and walked around. DS fell asleep in the car on the way home and DH and I took a nice Sunday drive. The weekends are over way too fast, though. In a couple weeks my mom is coming for a visit so it will be nice for someone else to entertain DS for awhile (namely read him books. He could be read books ALL DAY. I finally hid them...)
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