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Re: Helping my 4 yo "move on" from friends?

Originally Posted by Sarah-B View Post
This is so sad!! Maybe they are struggling financially? So they thought they could come to your DS's party but then couldn't afford a gift or a party for their DS.
But yeah the play date thing is strange. I would reach out to them one more time and say your DS is very important to my DS- he constantly asks about him. Please reply and let me know if they can have a play date. And tell them that you also value their friendship.

If they do not reply then I would move on. it is tough because 4yr olds don't understand grown up stuff.
Good luck
I would try this. Just explain that your son asks about their son constantly and you'd love to get them together.

If they don't respond, you might need to tell your son that the other boy moved away. It's true and not true - he has moved on.

A lot of it can be from the church ending. I have been a part of 2 church endings and the relationships don't seem to last once people find new churches. Of course, the two I've been a part of were sorta contentious church issues, yours may not have been. Anyways, I would try not to take it personally - because I'm sure it's not personal - those things just tend to get messy.
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