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Do you have someone stay with you after the birth?

i'm just wondering if you have someone stay with you, for how long, what types of things they do to help you out?

i did have someone stay with us after the birth of our first, but it was NOT what i imagined it would be. i'm trying to guage if there is anything i can do about that this next time. thanks mamas!

(and just as one quick example of what i'm talking about: i tore through my rectum and the underlying muscles, and was told to only attempt our staircase once per day for at least the first week. my husband went back to classes immediately after we were home from the hospital, so it was only my "helper" and me at home with the baby. there would be days that i didn't eat ANYTHING until my husband came home around 3:00, because i didn't feel like getting out of bed, and yelling down the stairs to request food. and sometimes you just forget to eat you know? if someone isn't offering to just sort of focus on the baby and forget that you are STARVING.)

ETA: i want to be clear that i wasn't just being lazy by not getting up and getting my own food! recovering from a fourth degree tear is in a class of it's own. it is truly brutal, i really can't even explain. it would not even have been possible for me to walk down the staircase with my baby.
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