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Re: I know this has been discussed a million times.

I researched it with my last pregnancy a lot (team green, but born a girl. We never came to an agreement) i told him this time and last time if he doesnt research it he gets no say.

He refuses to watch a video of it (ive watched one of each method), I told him IF (big if) I ever consented to it he had to be with the baby while its done, and he's agreed. We watched a video of a glove with a pacifier inside and I thought it was bad enough, but his closing comment at the end, "see that looks normal" what? Really????!!! Normal to who? If "every" baby boy is born intact, how can it not be normal.

By the way the doc told my husband "the pain is irrelevent. It's the memory that makes for a painful experience. He won't remember so the pain is no different than if you let the baby cry for 5 mins because he's hungry"

Eta. Although I enjoy others experiences and views, I'm not going to base our choice off it. I just need a place to vent where someone would be "on my side" because I don't have that right now from anywhere.
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