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Re: Wish us luck!

Originally Posted by myclanof6 View Post

I had to bribe mine at first. Flame me if you will mamas but I will do it again when we start with dd!
Pee gets 1 m&m or gummi, poop gets 2. Didn't always work so I also bribe them with TV time. We only let them watch an hour a day broken up into 15 minute slots. If they pee they get 5 extra minutes, poop is 10. They didn't have much of a concept of time so they thought it was a lot.
I'm not above bribing either; during summer he got candy treats at first, and then only for going poo...and then only if he remembered to ask

But thank you for reminding me about bribing; he doesn't care as much about candy but he LOVES to play "Angry Birds" on the Kindle...and now I know exactly how I'm going to dole it out
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