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Re: I need this baby out ASAP...............

Sorry I am just getting back to everyone....heres a copy and paste that I posted on another board about some of my history with ds1..
and again I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY about it, I am just trying to find out info, NOT be put down, as I DO know its MY BODY and MY BABY

We have no clue why Aidan was early (according to MY last period with him, and everything I would have had him at/around 36weeks and not 34 like they thats all possible that he was alittle later and his problems had to do more with the meds they were giving me to STOP labor,etc) I did have bleeding with him that made me call the dr to find out I was having contractions and dilated, which ended me up in the hospital after he was born, they were worried about me having fluid on my lungs and a blood clot (not sure why, as they did not send me my records I requested) but I do still need to get them sometime (I just have to call GA to do that). The drs I have here have really been great so far, and if it is something that needs to be done it will be done, BUT this is why I was asking for questions to ask, because I myself am just unsure of what to ask, which is why Im hoping to get out and get the book and website that some recommended.
Thanks to those that have posted ?s for me to ask, I plan on making the list and taking it with me on Thrusday.
If I could answer the questions some of you posted asking WHY I would not have posted because I would have known the answers so I am sorry I cant answer them right now. I will keep everyone updated when I find out next week WHY, but if its just because they dont want me to and not health reasons than it will NOT be done, I do already know for having 1 dr, I actually have 4, there are 4 in the practice so they are usually only on call 1 night and than off for 3...I know they are busy right now with lots being due soon (nurses are saying everyone had fun last yr during the ice storm when there was nothing else to do ) BUT I do relize its MY BODY and MY BABY and again if its NOT for health reasons for baby or me it will NOT be scheduled...
Thanks again
mom to 2 boys 2005 and 2007
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