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Re: Group B Strep?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
It is scary, but babies do survive it.

I would start treating your strep naturally when you get closer. Plenty of women have homebirths and no antibiotics and healthy babies. I don't personally know what you do, but my friend did it and I'm sure women on here have as well.

Yes, I would avoid unnecessary dilation checks. All you need is 4 hrs. So, if you have any prelabor, that could be doable.

I know I wasn't induced, but I guess that was because there was no reason to think I'd have a fast labor.

But I'd research natural methods.
Yes, natural methods. With my third baby, I didn't even get tested for group b strep since my midwife made it optional. I had a home birth and labor was longer (14 hours), so if I had group b strep this time around, baby was not affected.
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