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Re: Aug '11 - December Chat

grr....some people's kids. and not my own, for once.
actually, it was some rude woman who responded to an ISO I had up on craigslist. I'm looking for a button maker (pin back style) for our church's kid's club. I've been hunting for one on and off for a year and thought if I found one cheap enough, it could be my christmas present. I have in the header $20 and said I was looking for an affordable button maker. a lady response, tells me she has the whole button making system plus extra supplies, and asks how much I am willing to spend. I respond and say I could probably do $30, but would have to check with hubby, please contact me back and let me know what you were thinking and we can go from there.
she responds with a very snarky comment about "the problem of listing things on craigslist is that everyone expects to get really expensive stuff for dirt cheap." she then tells me about the whole list of extras (a special cutter, printer, camera for the printer and special papers) and how the supplies cost more than $200.
umm, ok, than why would you respond to my $20 iso listing in the first place? and how am i supposed to know what accessories you have when all you said was "extra supplies" which could have just been the basic button making supplies? sheesh. I typed up a big snarky reply, then deleted a bunch and sent back a shorter only slight snarky reply.
grr, so rude.
my problem with people on craigslist is wanting to get back retail prices on used items. not my fault you over paid to begin with. (all those people who post their huge old entertainment centers and want hundreds of dollars drive me bonkers...I saw the same thing at goodwill last week for 150...and it will likely be there til it goes on sale 50%.)
ok, done being sassy.
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