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Re: Newborn Question re:sleep

FWIW my oldest slept like that, though he didn't get too high on the jaundice...the problem with my oldest was that at around 2 months he decided that sleep was OVERRATED and he didn't need it anymore I went through two whole weeks where the only time he slept was in the car, or in the car seat with me holding it on top of the washer on spin cycle.

My second child was a pretty good sleeper from the start and ate around every 3 hours for the first 4 months, then at 5 months he started going longer stretches without eating/sleeping.

My baby is 5 months and has always been a good sleeper even with him being EBF he goes 3-5 hours during the day between meals and sleeps through the night (7:30 - 5).

So my guess is that you just got a good sleeper
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