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Help! 2 yo back in dipes...

My 2 yo has been PL for the past 6 months and has finally about gotten everything put together...he tells us when he pees and poos...usually...and if he doesn't tell us he does a waddle around the house. He was wearing training pants, but I made the mistake of letting him wear diapers again yesterday because he has been asking for one. He has lost privileges that we feel give him independence...stools, playing with the vacuum (his favorite "toy"), washing his own hands, etc....and explained that "babies" don't get these privileges. He seems so thrilled with himself that he is wearing dipes again...grrr!!!! Any suggestions? I am taking the dipes away tomorrow and telling him no more, but he is rebelling against the potty too. If it helps he has a 1 yo brother who is currently ECing part time. Thanks!
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