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Re: who do you know that refuses to BF?

Originally Posted by MyLovely View Post

Sadly, I don't know anybody IRL that really breastfeeds, as in exclusive and full-term. My SIL combo-feeds for like six months, my aunt BFed hers for about six months. Everyone else, even my mom, jumped straight to formula. Thankfully, my mom's lack of breastfeeding was solely due to lack of information, and she's always encouraged me to nurse. In fact, she told me recently that if she was having babies today and could do it over, she'd have us at a free-standing birth center and nurse for at least a year, probably 18 months or so.

It does make me worry though, when I have my own kids. I'll attend LLL meetings beforehand and do everything short of selling my soul to the devil to nurse with no formula for at least two years, hopefully at least three. It's just not optional for me.
Um. I just want to say that I think you're very, very cool. Your sig and all.

My SIL always says she wants to nurse for "at least the first year" and then gives up after a couple of weeks. With #3 it was because she wanted to party again. With #4, she had cases of formula in the house before the baby was even born. I'm sure, somewhere in the middle of one of those newborn nights, she made a bottle and then never looked back. It just doesn't matter to her. She doesn't come from a breastfeeding family, though. So maybe that's why.

My family is pretty cool about BFing, but split pretty evenly between those of us who do and those who don't. One of my sisters is still nursing her 15-month-old, which is super cool. And very long for my family.
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