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Any experiences with Calvert or Little Lincoln curriculum?

Long story short, I'll be bringing my kids (Kindergarten and 1st grade) home for schooling but we are going to be enrolled in a virtual charter school through the public schools.. We applied to 3 different schools (one used k-12, one used connections academy), but the one I like the best and the one we are going with gives us a choice between calvert curriculum and Little Lincoln curriculum.. I've been looking into both and leaning towards Little Lincoln because I think its more internet based and hands on approach would be well suited to my autistic son and ADHD daughter.. The routine is the same each day but the means of learning are divided into a number of different teaching methods and I think that would be good for my 2. is the site.

I have heard good things about calvert but from going through their website I dont feel like its quite as diverse as far as incorporating varied learning styles.. but maybe I'm wrong?

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone here has had experience with either the Calvert or Little Lincoln curriculums and if so, what was your experience? How did it work for you? How well did you like it?
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