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Anyone else not do ultrasounds?

I don't try to talk other people out of getting them, but personally, I'm not comfortable with them. I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and didn't have them with any of my babies. From the reading that I've done, I believe a single ultrasound in a pregnancy may not have any effects, but if that's the case, I prefer to wait to see if there are signs of any problems and have one in that situation.

I just get a little tired of everyone saying "so you like surprise, huh?". Then I either just do the smile and nod (because no, I would actually love to know what I'm having), or I can go into the "we don't do ultrasounds" which brings up other questions. I don't really like bringing up the ultrasound issue because I know having them is pretty much the norm and I don't like to risk offending people.

Am I the only one in this boat?
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