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Re: Anyone else not do ultrasounds?

Originally Posted by heavenlyblessedmom View Post
I had ultrasounds with my first three (and a lot with two of them =/) However, I since learned more about the potential risks associated with both doppler use and ultrasound and no longer routinely use either during pregnancy. I use a fetoscope, and will only have an ultrasound if medically indicated.
Glad to know I'm not alone! On all my pregnancies, the OB would use the doppler on my visit when I get my bloodwork done, but the rest of my pregnancy, I would have my midwife use the fetoscope.

Originally Posted by Mom2ManyBlessings View Post
I understand why people dont, and if I was better at pregnancy I might go that route.
However, I dont do pregnancy well. 4 preterm birth, preterm contractions/dilation where they had to stop labor very early in 5 pregnancies. Ultrasounds reassure a lot of things for me and help my OBs make the best decisions for my baby. (Knowing when and how quickly ny cervix is shortening, Checking on babys growth seeing how bby handels all the contractions and meds, ect)
I planned on doing a homebirth with no ultrasounds this pregnancy, but it just isnt how I roll during pregnancy Im "high risk" for a reason unfortunately.

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I can totally understand this. I think you have to weigh the risks on both sides and when there are potential problems, the ultrasounds have merit. I just don't feel comfortable using them when they aren't medically relevant. I've been blessed with easy pregnancies, but if there were signs that something might be wrong, I would consider having one.
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