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Bad Blood Sugar News

I had gestational diabetes for the first time with my last pregnancy, which was #6. I didn't start having issue until 30 weeks or so and was able to keep it managed very well with dietary measures. Even with my worst meals monitoring, my blood sugar never went over 199. It was usually around 150ish if I ate something that I did really bad with, like bread.

I had my first prenatal today. I am just over 12 weeks. My blood sugar was 160. I'm still very much in the grazing stage, so I'm eating all. the. time. I had a chicken salad for lunch and then snacked on dried mangos, had a protein drink, some Doritos, and ate about 8-10 oz of fresh blueberries on the drive over. So, I'd been grazing for several hours before my appt. The number was pulled from my blood. My urine looked fine.

I've gotten pretty sick in past pregnancies, so my diet is at its absolute worst during this point in my pregnancy. I normally don't eat a lot of crap, but when I'm fighting nausea, I eat whatever I can. (Like Doritos. :P)

What does this mean? What can I expect with such bad sugar numbers this early? Anyone else had similar experiences? I have pretty average weight for how many kids I have. My starting weight was about 165-170, size 10/12.
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