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Re: Anyone else getting viruses while on this site?

Glad I saw this post. I thought it was just bad luck that my laptop (work) was acting up. I'm on this site all the time. I had to send it in to get fixed and the tech guys couldn't remove it, so they replaced my hard drive! I couldn't download any pics in photobucket and also couldn't do any google searches (get a blank page) b/c of this trojan or virus. And when I do get through some search, when I click on what I want, I go to a site that has other searches! Very, very annoying!

I'm on a loaner now, but am expecting to get my new work laptop on Monday. I probably can't visit this site again until it gets resolved b/c I don't want to send the new work laptop in again! Someone please e-mail me once this gets resolved b/c I LOVE DS and would hate to stop going here!

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