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Re: Anyone else getting viruses while on this site?

Just got back on and so far so good with the ads disabled... Yay and fingers crossed!

I tried to log into this thread earlier today and got two more trojans (presumably before the most recent repairs). So it's nice not to see a virus warning pop up for the first time in three days.

I do appreciate that this must be tough to fix, but to be fair, people have been complaining for some time and were initially told that ds couldn't possibly be the source (and that the mamas complaining may not fully understand the complexities of computers and viruses - these posts all deleted now). And yes, technically, ds isn't the source, but somehow it's been the host for these trojans.

Mamas with ruined computers - I feel for you. That sucks. As for those of us who are mostly complaining about having to stay away from the site - admin and mods, think of it as a backhanded compliment. We're addicted.

For what it's worth, I have AVG Free - just updated it to their 8.5 release - and it's caught everything so far.
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