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Anyone who is really looking forward to their leave?!

I have to be honest with you guys. I am a workaholic .. There I said it! I love succeeding in my work place and the environment that surrounds me but this past week I made the choice to leave work almost 2 weeks before my due date.. My job is extremely demanding and I sometimes work 12-14 hour days but I love my coworkers and my customers which made it really hard to leave. I think coming home every night and noticing my feet completely swollen was a wake up call. Some mornings I felt like I had absolutely no energy or desire to even get up.

Right after telling my boss that my final day would be March 10th I started getting really excited that the LO is almost here. Ive been so busy working through my pregnancy that I didn't notice 37 weeks have already come and gone!! So excited to start finally relaxing and enjoying my last days of pregnancy! Unless LO decides to come earlier my final day is approaching! .. Time for mani, pedi's and mama massages!!
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