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Re: Need exercise ideas

I ended up getting an elliptical for free yesterday from one of my neighbors! Now in addition to jogging (at least 3 times a week depending on weather and other factors) i'm going to work out on it daily. I'm starting with 20 minutes and i'm going to build up to 40minutes. I looked up the suggestions above and decided Insanity isn't for me but regular interval training sounds ok. The exercise website is something i'm going to try out and while searching for the 30 day shred I found this website which has that program on it,, so i'm going to be using it it too. On a daily basis i'm going to do the elliptical and at least 20 minutes of video workouts (from the websites). Hopefully I can jog 3 times a week but if not i'll be adding in more of the elliptical and video workouts to make up for it. Should I try to find more interval training or should the video workouts from the 2 sites be enough?
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