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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

Just when i thought i could stop bothering you Veronica, I'm back! Actually this is kind of surprising, you may find it interesting, (short story, i got scared off of raw milk, i can't do it. Already sticking my neck out with our stance on vaccines - i don't think i can handle the responsibility on this one. Unless it's possible to use the recipe and do it w/storebought organic milk??) Anyway, so - i went back to look at the Parent's choice.

When i pulled it up (just typed a google search for the ingredients and i got to this Walmart page): I was very surprised to see no whey. So i came back to this thread and found yr link, and it brings me to a completely different ingredient list. I mean Completely! Please check it out. I can't figure it out. Only thing i notice is that yr link, the URL reads
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