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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

Originally Posted by Tresor27 View Post
Thank you Songbird. Veronica, you mention trying to use non-homogenized...what would be the reason for this preference? Is it the fat content? Makes it better? Tastes better? I am seriously going to look into this. And i may revisit the goat's milk again, based on what i've been reading of late. Would you believe someone in my other group (Yahoo) mentioned relactation as a possibility -- I NEVER HEARD OF THIS!! I was so shocked, and at the same time, pretty saddened that i didn't come across it sooner, because i think 5 months out is just too late, but had i known, i could very well have tried again after the 1st month when my breasts were pretty much back to normal.
I believe homogenization does alter the milk. at minimum, non-homogenized milk tastes better.

Yes, relactation is possible. I lost my milk supply at 4 months and attempted relactation twice. I was not successful, and it simply wasn't realistic for me to pump like i would with a newborn (at least 20 minutes every 2 hours) when I had a mobile infant. It's been done though.
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