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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

Exactly, i have a toddler that requires attention as well, this sounds Very time matter how much I wish i could do it, just not feasible for us either.

I'm happy to say I did find a couple of places where i can find just pasteurized, non-homogenized, grass fed milk (1 being Natural by Nature, and the other one that Whole Foods has, Skytop Farms). And I cd order the kit from Radiant Life, and i already watched the video about making milk kefir...seems simple enough. I guess i just have to try and start making formula and just get into the swing of it and the timing. For example, with making the kefir - looks like i could just make a new batch overnight every time...? I also still have to figure out where to buy cream (Do you know what cream they are referring to in the WAPF recipe - i mean is it the same as Heavy Cream or Light cream that supermkts sell?) and the whey. I know that when you make the kefir if you leave it too long then it turns into curds and whey...but if i let it get to that point for the whey, then i don't have my kefir to culture the milk with. Actually that's something i need to ask you --just how much of the kefir do i put into the milk to culture it? Seems like you've been doing this a while, i guess you have it down pat now! I really appreciate your help with this...starting to feel much better for my little one already
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