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Re: I did not want to spend my next pregnancy terrified

Hey, yes I am pregnant. About 5 and a half week, due in November.

I do not know exactly what happened last time, my new obgyn has requested my medical records to look over the chain of events.

Short version is my water broke, then said I was not progressing fast enough then induced, I got to 4cm got an epidural and then they slammed me with more induction meds. I ended up havinga full blown panic attack screaming how terrified I was and for someone to help me, they cgave me valium to shut me up, said I was to weak and would geta n elective c section when the doc had time, gave meds to stop contractions and when they finally started doing surgical prep like shaving they chcked me and my cervix was swollen shut and I was in the op with the head surgeon out of bed less then 20 minutes later. The epidermal did not work and I was put under general anesthesia.

I am scared of having a panic attack again and not being able to deliver. I am scared of the pain of delivery. I am scared of once again being in delivery and being scared and feeling like no one is listening when I say something is wrong. I am even more scared about vbac with the risk of uterine rupture.
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