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Originally Posted by corinne76
I just want to say, that today is awesome! Yesterday sucked a fat one for me. I ordered a brand-new Boba 3G and came yesterday. I like to wash my carriers since DS has sensitive skin. So I had washed it in the bathtub and hung it to dry. I checked on it an hour later and the black from the straps had seeped through on to the panel. There were black dots all over the front of the carrier. I know very petty and trivial, but I was so upset. I ended up not lifting because I just didn't want to.

Fast forward to today. I woke up this morning,weighed myself and i was 144.8! I had an email from PP regarding a claim that was filed a month ago. Basically I sold a wrap to a mama with a flawed tail, which she knew about. 2.5 wks later she's saying there are more flaws and she wants a full refund. She filed with PP and I refused to refund her so I escalated it to a claim. It's been almost a full month but they decided in my favor.
I also had an e-mail from Boba customer service saying that they were going to replace my defective carrier and send me a shipping label to send it back to them. ok, fantastic! awesome! I get another email saying it's not cost effective for them to ship it back, so they are still sending me a new one, and I can keep the old one to do what i want with it. sqeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I'm debating what to do with it now. DH says to keep it, but it will bring my carrier stash to 13 and I'm not sure how I feel about that number. silly, I know.
I skipped running because I had errands to run. oh well. I have been doing well with the eating. I added fruits back in yesterday and it was sooo good. I'm taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow so we'll see if I lift (gawd I'm sucking at this aren't I?) I'm kind of afraid to because my muscles will retain water and it will make my scale numbers go back up on friday's weigh-in
That's a whole lotta good news!!!! I wish DD could be In the ergo. I want to try it. We hike and having her on my back is the best place so it would be awesome. I don't like the metal old school one hubs has I would like something that I can lay flat and bit have it take up tons of room.

I am avoiding the scale too and I need to workout soo bad. AF is a day late so I know I'm retaining water. Sad I know new leave for the cabin on Friday and I know since its weigh in day I will have AF decide to show then. Go figure.

Oh well

Awesome news for you all around today.
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