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I sure hope I'm not pregnant forever. Could u imagine living the rest of your life feeling like you do today? Or maybe some people feel great but my guess most arent. Myself included.

Went up north yesterday, just to relax. Was a bit nervous traveling, but its only an hr from my hospital, so not like I was too far away. Made it home, no baby. Not that id expect anything to be happening, I'm 38 wks 4 days today. Ds was born on 38 wks 6 days.
I guess I'm just HOPING baby is ready and arrives early. For sake of not having to argue to avoid csec.

So I have like 10 things I want to do this afternoon, but am playing with ds(who is coloring at the moment), while DH mows the lawn...hopefully Im still motivated to work/clean by the time he's done. Hurry up dude!
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