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So I just need to vent.

I'm anxious.. nervous that ill have to have csec. Not that its the end of the world if I do. But tmrw will be my 39 week appt and doc will bring up repeat csec.

I talked to a doula today who was great and very concerned, even called me back a couple hrs later with another suggestion for me. Recommended a chiro who specializes in pregnancy, and recommended a Lpn/massage therapist who does reflexology on preggo women. I have an appt with her in the am. Before my doctor appt. And she recommended EPO, so I picked some up. It can't hurt right?

I dunno. The threat of surgery scares me. Tho I will fight for her to let me go longer if it comes to that. Hubby is leery and trusts whatever doctor says. And I do like her but don't like EVERYTHING she says. But I will fight with her...

End rant. Just nervous. I need to relax. Massage tmrw should help.

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