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Re: How bad are they? (Artificial Sweeteners)

Originally Posted by mother4JC View Post
My mil got me a book called the guide to Healthy Eating by Davd Brownstein M.D and Sheryl Shenefelt C.N. I had been drinking Diet Coke made with Splenda because I thought it was better, but it isn't. Here is what it says in the book.

It goes on to say that Natural sweeteners should be used. They list these as Agave Nectar, fruit, honey (raw), maple sugar, maple syrup, molasses, rapadura, stevia, sucanat, and xylitol.

Just wanted to share, because I thought it was pretty interesting reading about it.
stevia is a no-no..especially while pregnant. The FDA are finding out that it cause reproductive problems...(nice to know since I've been using it forever) I've been researching all this crap lately since I am not allowed to have sugar while on blood thinners..

as far as artificial sweeteners are concerned my maternal/fetal medicine doc told me to limit to 2-3 servings PER DAY.

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