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HC Yarn - DH, MM, DD, WSK, CA - More Added and Prices Reduced

Major destash time! $19ppd per skein (or listed price if less). $38ppd for 8 oz skeins, $9.50ppd for 1/2 trim skeins.

Dashing Dachs "Skipper" on Superwash DK, $43ppd

DD "Fish in the Pond" on Superwash DK, $43ppd

DD "Mishka" on Stallion, $45ppd

MM "Maid of the Sea" on Sparkle Sock, $20ppd

WSK "Garden Green" on Magnolia / MCN DK $21ppd per skein or $95ppd for all

WSK "Bloomberry" on Willow Worsted. $42ppd

Dear Husband "Surf & Turf" on Aran Twist, $43ppd (no labels)

Julibeans "Osmosis" on MMW, $35ppd

Wacky Alpacky "Boyish Owls" on Peruvian, 4 oz colorway and 2 oz matching blue trim. Both caked, but never knit from. $17ppd

Dashing Dachs Little Colt on Shoestring (Gaia Worsted). 4 skeins, 4 ounces each. $22ppd per skein, $42ppd for 8 ounces, or $80ppd for all of it

Dashing Dachs Turtle Heart on Stallion. 4 skeins, 4 ounces each. $22ppd per skein, $42ppd for 8 ounces, or $80ppd for all of it

WSK "Kelp Forest" on MMW. Three skeins colorway FS; $63ppd

FamilyRoots "Christmas Orange" on Bulky Gaia, 2 skeins colorway and a full trim skein. $66ppd

FR "Seattle Street Puddle" on Bulky Gaia, $43ppd

Dear Husband Surf & Turf on Gaia Bulky. 8 ounces colorway, 2 ounces trim. $43ppd

Bear & Pants Love on Superwash DK. I just got this from a coop order, but my purple and pink loving girl will now only wear MCN. $80ppd

Mosaic Moon "Maid of the Sea" on Gaia Worsted. $33ppd

Mosaic Moon "Hobbits" on gaia worsted $30ppd

Mosaic Moon "Leanna Sidhe" on gaia worsted (full skein coordinating semi) $44ppd

Mosaic Moon "Swimsea" on gaia worsted $40ppd

MM "Jack in the Green" (colorway only) on MCN DK $21ppd

MM "Flora" on MCN Fingering, $19ppd

***Love the yarn but don't knit? I can help.
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