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Originally Posted by EskimoStitches

Nothing super awesome. We just need to stock up for winter. And then I need to stay home for 2 weeks and stock up on wool for winter, too! Gotta stay warm, right??

The younger three are completely outfitted for winter except their hats and mittens which I just have to finish and then we have to buy boots for the girl and maybe the boy. Their snow gear should be fine and then I have to make them hats. They have awesome gloves. DH has a hat but always wants more and most of those projects I can fit into this months prompts for my game.
Your so good! I have to knit ds and dh hats, mittens and scarves but dh is WAY to picky and ds couldn't care less lol I'm thinking of using koto garden for ds's set, i think it would go great with his black peacoat

Originally Posted by knibert

babies boots....modeling shots????
let's see'em! Lol

Originally Posted by msuk2girl
Guys... being that I know NOTHING about PLing... except for what the geniuses at Baby center have written articles about... any more helpful advice for me? I'm afraid that when we go out, B will not tell me she needs to potty, or at church. She'll go in her pants and then be upset about it. Do I hurt the process by having her wear diapers in public?
We bought cloth trainers which are alot thicker then regular trainers and if he started to go it was enough to not wet his clothes. We just carried around ALOT of extra undies and clothes those first few days and his extra potty seat that you put ontop of other seats so he felt comfy

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches

I will! They had to try on their snow gear to make sure we bought the right size. All of them wanted to go play in the snow. Rb said the snow was in the mountains so then they were all wanting to go to the mountains. Silly boys.
Lol they are funny!

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches

That's good too. Mostly I an buying fiber or lighter weight yarns and sweater qty. I can't add much more to my diapering stashes until I know what colors to buy. If its not pink i am set. It it is pink, then, well, ravelry will see a shortage of girl yarns for sale!
i want to live in your yarn barn

Originally Posted by msuk2girl
What I'm finding right now is that she goes when she has to. If I ask her to go sit down, she'll sit, but not go. It's I have to go now, wheres the potty?!?!
I justed asked alot to remind him we are out of diapers and in undies now. It worked sometimes and other times well....we cleaned alot of pee off the floors lol

Originally Posted by 808mamaof2

We have this in our minivan:

E's been super easy with potty learning, but after one accidental flush from an automatic toilet (darn me for forgetting to cover the sensor), he refuses to use public restrooms so he's been asking to go to the "car potty." Its a PITA to leave wherever we're at, but its better than changing diapers and at least he's telling us that he needs to go. My C was afraid of public restrooms for awhile so we bought that potty. He eventually outgrew that fear and now E has got it. Doh.

We usually go potty before we leave home and before we leave some place unless E needs the car potty instead.

After 2 days of just underwear, E didn't like the feeling of being in wet undies and caught on quickly.
That's the potty my inlaws bought for ds for is to use at the park and longer trips in places with no bathrooms. Since he stated standing to pee he was not interested in using the "baby" potty, let's just say we carry around empty water bottles in the car for just such times lol

Originally Posted by 808mamaof2
Okay, thinking outloud, but give me your knitting opinion please:

I keep checking the size of my linen stitch longies. Since I was using gaia worsted (dk-ish weight) I followed the small size pattern and used size 9s as I knit tightly and figured it would turn out newborn. When working the butt, I swear it was only 14-15 in waist, which is fine, but now that I'm on the legs and the linen stitch is spread out, I'm getting more like 16

I really like how the CW has been playing out and while I'm planning on this being a part of her coming home newbies chunk up really quick (within 2-3 weeks). Both boys tended to have short rises and fat butts and I'm thinking:

knitting a strip of "fabric" with button holes so I will add two buttons spaced about 2-3 inches away in the upper butt area to button and gather making the hips smaller and adjustable (when I take off the band). I was also thinking of knitting the legs the length of a small, and again adding another button to each leg so I can roll up and button the length. The rise is about 12 inches which I figure *should* be okay as my fatties have short torsos.

Am I overthinking this? Should I just suck it up buttercup and frog my whole dang WIP? Or...Do you think my idea might work to fit newbie and "grow" with her to get more use?
I think it should be fine as is just don't wash it like fiona said so it stays tight.

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches
Ok. I have would do this.

Don't block it. Wash it if you must but I wouldn't even do that. Leave it tight and exactly as it is for her coming home. As she gets bigger (a week in maybe) that's when I would do the blocking and block your waist bigger. The extra room in the hips will just make her look bigger but better more than less. Is your rise a small? ESP since you are folding down your waist I would make sure the rise is big enough so she can wear it when the hips "fit". Make your legs longer you can always fold or button them up. Maybe even make them short but add a ruffle or something later idk what your plans are.

Babies stay small for such a short time I would my frog if it's only a little big I would only frog if it were small.

Did I hit all your points?

Oh wait. Ok the band. I don't really get it but I think it is over complicating things.

Drawstring. I would add one if you are finding she is worming out of the pants. I would do a ribbon in the purls not an icord.

Obviously jmo.

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches
Ok. I know CS as a pattern writer has an amazing eye but between the errors in the hoodie pattern and the errors in this sweater and the manner in which errors are being dealt with, I am seriously going to stay away from her patterns or at least look at them critically before I buy. If I spend this much on a pattern I expect for it to be well proofed and corrections to be well noted at the very least.
I've noticed that as well, ive purchased alot of her patterns and am always having to update the pattern for errata found

Originally Posted by Dayzee1081
Almost to the decreases! Woot!
That look great!!!! I love that colorway, what is it?

Originally Posted by msuk2girl
Looks great Katie!

7 of 8 for pees in the potty (she missed her first morning pee)
1 for 1 poops!

Gooooooo B!
Yay B You go girl!

Originally Posted by MrsStripe
chatty bunch today.

Great sweater. And, I pretty much zoned out on everything else.

Baby check up went well. I'm really feeling like I'll be taking one for the team and having the boy so you all can have girls. And I'm ok with that.

Need to get stuff done, finally measured the boys and will probably start their sweaters soon.
Lol id love to have another boy, girls scare me but dh would want a girl and i don't think i could handle the thought of 3 kids lol I have my hands full with ds, he's such a rebel lol
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