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Re: "I'm too tired"

My DD, 5, went through this phase.

It went on for a while until we had a planned trip to the zoo. Before leaving to go to the zoo, the kids were told to pick up the living room. DD just sat on the floor saying, "I'm too tired." while the younger two picked up all the toys.

When it was time to go, DH got the two younger ones ready, and I stayed home with DD. Oh, the royal fit she threw because she didn't get to go. My response, "You said you were too tired to pick up, therefore you are too tired to go to the zoo." Her response, "I'm not too tired to go to the zoo, just to pick up toys." I chuckled on the inside, but we only had one more incident of being too tired and her not going to go someplace for the phase to end. That is until the 3yo pick it up
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