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Re: Can't leave DD

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post means you leave her with DH regularly. Go to the groccery. Go for a walk. Go get a coffee. He needs to learn to deal with her, and she needs to learn that he can care for her too. He will learn her cues and to comfort her.
I have to agree with this. I have a Velcro baby and for his first 6-7 months he wanted nothing to do with anyone. I got some advice on here and in a local group that really helped in encouraged me to allow ds and his father to struggle sometimes. At first SO would try to hand him back to me so I would take really long showers or take the dog for a walk or go grocery shopping. I would make sure ds was fed so that he didn't need me for that reason, but then I would hand him off. was hard but SO is every bit as much ds's parent as I am and even though I am a SAH bf'ing mom they needed their time too (without me looking over his shoulder). Sometimes when I would come back ds would still be crying and I felt really bad for both of them, but now at 9 months ds is excited to see his dad when he comes home and wants his dad to pick him up immediately. I hated leaving him knowing how quickly I could "fix" it but I need time alone too. DS is still a barnacle but is willing to be with his dad sometimes too.

It's absolutely nobody's fault that your LO has a preference and you shouldn't discourage baby needing you and feeling safe with you, but in my minimal but very recent experience it will help to do what luvsviola is suggesting.
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