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Re: What are my options...12month old??

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
With both boys we did a mix of formula and whole milk starting at age one and slowly weaned off the formula to just whole milk over a couple months time. Both my boys were very good eaters and ate alots of variety of healthy foods. If I had picky eaters or kids that didn't eat a ton I would probably me more inclined to stick with the formula for a while longer just to make sure they were getting enough nutrition.
This is our pediatrician's recommendation, as well. Also, she discourages alternative milks as the primary beverage for little ones under two, because most brands are very low in both fat and protein. Parents have to be extra careful with the rest of the diet to make sure that the baby is getting enough of those nutrients, and many aren't.

Our little one had milk intolerance early on, so we switched gradually from Alimentum to Enfa grow (since we had a sample can) to see if he could tolerate it. I think we bought one more small can and transitioned from that to organic whole milk until he was about 22 months old.
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