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Re: What are my options...12month old??

Originally Posted by photo_shell View Post
Ok...So DS just turned 1 and I am not sure I want to transition to milk just yet. So what are my options? Currently he is on Earth's Best Formula.
This is what I was thinking:
1. Keep on Earth's Best for a few more months.
2. Switch to a toddler formula..which one though.
3. Do part formula/part milk.
4. Maybe switch to alternative milk?

Any thoughts are appreciated!!!
You can keep him on the infant formula for now if you want. After 1 year it depends what their solid foods diet is like. My 2 kids have been totally different--ds1 ate virtually no solids at a year, ds2 would (and will) try anything. Earth's Best does make a toddler formula I think, too. We have been using En***row's Older Toddler (12 months and up) and ds2 is very happy with it. When I tried to put him on whole milk he got seriously constipated. I tried again a few weeks ago, same result. It was so horrible that I am going to wait a few more months to even attempt it again. I have no experience with alternative milks..
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