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WHY Wont The Girl Eat?

Man! Riley is driving me batty. The last 4 or so days she has barely eaten a thing. All she wants are Teddy Grahams.

Last night we had pizza. Normally, she loves it. She took like 2 bites and it was WORK to get her to eat that. I even cut her up some grapes which is like her absolute favorite right now - NOTHIN! So, I thought well maybe she just isnt hungry. Thats fine. She did nurse.

This morning I cut up peaches (another fave) and a nutri grain bar and she ate like half the bar and 3 peices of peaches.

On vacation - she barely ate a thing. She ate some egg in the morning

Im stumped. Normally, I am BRAGGING about what an awesome eater she is. How she eats everything and eats great amounts, etc...

Is this a phase? She is 15 months old (almost). Im 99.99% positive she is getting in her molars. Does teething curb appetite? She has been a little fussy (I gather from the teething - DUH, right? lol).

She is going through some MAJOR seperation anxiety right now as well.

But I dont see that as a reason not to eat.

But, I guess if she was STARVING she would eat. Right now she is happy as a clam reading her books (aka making a mess with the books lol).

Anyone have any thoughts?
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