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Re: Bonding more with one child?

I would agree with this very much....definitely not talking love or favoritism, but personality. Mine are 2.5yo and 10mo, so I don't know for sure where things will head....BUT...they're both incredibly active...but my 2yo is pretty easy going and can be easily distracted...he's also very...i've lost the word...ya know...he doesn't get his feelings hurt easily...he's all boy....ya know, he's your average man's man type of thing...where as the 10mo is also very active and playful...very, VERY strong willed - not easily distracted...wears his feelings on his sleeve type of thing. Ds1 is a lot like dh, and ds2 would be a lot more like me....

Anyway, I kind started rambling there...but I know what you're talking about!
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