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Re: Bonding more with one child?

I have identical twins and I've thought a lot about this question. Moms only bond with one baby at a time, so I had some issues initially with bonding. I bonded with Ryan first. He was the best nurser, and I think that is the main reason. Ryan is more like me, and he has many of my facial expressions. I feel like when I look at him I know what he is thinking. I empathize more with him. But, I also get annoyed with him more easily than Ethan and I am less concerned when he is hurt or upset than with Ethan.

My children are the same age, they look the same, and in many ways they act the same. But still I feel differently bonded to each of them. So yes, I would say it's completely normal to feel a different sort of bond with each of your children. In some ways Ryan and I share more, but Ethan is more of a "mama's boy," while Ryan is very close to Daddy.
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