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Re: Scared shes not getting enough?

Originally Posted by lilmomma83 View Post
FYI wth tongue ties...they can be very severely tied and be abe to stick their tongues out...the bigger concern is if they can lift their tongue about 2/3 or more to the roof of their mouth with their mouth wide open.

Beanie - sleepiness can be sign of tongue tie to poor milk transfer.
I didn't know sleepiness can be a sign of tongue tie! How do you make them lift their tongue to the roof of mouth? DD won't open her mouth wide. LC and Ped say she acts like she is sucking through a straw. I know even with the bottle she seems to have trouble...I have never bottle fed a baby this young so I am not sure what is normal. She seems to let milk pool in her mouth and it spills out the sides.
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