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Re: squinters? possible m/c and unplanned pregnancy mentioned

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
Oh you do not have insurance now? I thought you had it already. I would see if you have a free clinic in your area. They go by income. They might be able to get you a test for free and then a note to apply for pregnancy Medicaid.

You will need to date the pregnancy and see if the baby(ies) are okay. They will probably want to do one ultrasound to just make sure all is good.
no, I don't have insurance. If I did I wouldn't need medicaid? I don't know how some people's works, but everytime I have had insurance, my pregnancies were covered 100% (except when I used a lay midwife). The free clinic is a hassle, from what I can tell, but I know the health dept does them for $15. I have gone to one of the crisis care centers with my 2 yr old.

Originally Posted by sisu View Post
I peed on a lot of tests this pregnancy, at around 7 weeks my test line started getting much, much lighter. Some research showed that that as hCG levels really start to increase, there's a "hook effect" that causes the test line to get lighter. So, after a certain time, no, your tests wouldn't necessarily be getting darker.

Hoping it all works out for you.

Oh! Very interesting! I am learning all sorts of things from this thread.

Except the "am I definitely pregnant or not", lol.

I am putting it off.....for many reasons
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