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Re: Sexual Harrassment in grade 8?!

I had a similar situation happen to me in eighth grade. The difference was I never did anything about it. I was afraid my parents would make a big deal and draw attention to the situation, thereby making me even more of a target. Also, I didn't believe the kid would be punished at all (and I was probably right). Not handling that situation made it harder for me to say no when boys wanted to go further than I did (I was a virgin when DH and I got married, but there were things I did that I still regret). I convinced myself that it was no big deal.
That kid brought a gun to school one day with plans to do some serious damage. Thankfully, he was caught before he acted on his plans. But I always wonder what would have happened if he had gotten some help before, KWIM?
I would say you probably don't need to worry too much about her. She sounds like a kid who would come to you if she couldn't handle it herself. Watch for signs of being bullied in her behavior (sullen attitude, not eating or sleeping, or doing too much of either, etc.), but it sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders for taking care of herself here.
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