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Re: Sexual Harrassment in grade 8?!

first of all, i think you deserve some praise for your parenting your daughter in a way where she is bold and brave enough to know her rights and stand up for herself in such a way. when i was in the 7th grade a popular trouble maker always slapped me on the butt. we were walking back from the library and he kept sticking his book in my butt and was thrusting it the same way you described. i completely flipped and caused a big stink. i WAS NOT happy and WAS NOT allowing that to happen any longer. he got in a lot of trouble and the school to it as an opportunity to teach about what is correct and incorrect and sexual harrassment and such.

i hope everything turns out for the better and that all parties can learn from this. some girls where mad at me when he got in trouble, but within a month everyone had forgotten and there was no more issues.

the same guy apologized to me years later when i was a senior and thanked me for getting him in trouble, he said he probably would have ended up raping someone! i was so completely shocked by that one!
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